Christian Counselling

Self-love and the Counselor’s Task

This article first appeared in The Reformed Journal 28, (May, 1978), pp. 13-18. It is reprinted here by permission of Eerdmans Publishing Company. All rights reserved.

All persons long for something. Everyone desires, yearns, hopes, wants. Without desire there is no human action, and without action we die. So where there is human life there is desire.

We may define a person’s values as that which he desires. Where one’s treasure is, there will his heart be also. Or, to put it another way, what you deem valuable, you desire with your heart. What people desire, what they value, varies, and the degree of their desire varies; but one thing is constant, our happiness varies in direct proportion to the achievement or realization of our greatest values.

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What is Christian Counselling?

By Dr. Bill Gillham

“Christian” Counseling must counsel the soul with techniques generated by the Spirit of God; counseling which is not Christian counsels the soul with techniques generated by the spirit of this world.

“…I heard you refer to obsessive/compulsive disorders on your radio program. That’s a problem I have. I feel that I must spin around precisely three times and flip the light switch once before leaving the house, especially when I’m nervous about something. Do you think you can help me?”

Would you throw up your hands at how to help this woman? Would you send her to a “professional”? That’s what I would have felt like doing, even after I’d completed my doctoral studies in counseling. I knew what the textbooks said, the techniques and procedures to use, but I also knew that the success rate for treating folks who were struggling with this behavior was far from encouraging. I would have felt helpless, hopeless, inadequate.

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